These Terms and Conditions apply to the consumers/users of this app and/or VUSR Portal/APP as the case may be and who avails the services and the application through means including website, app, SMS, and any other means as may be available to the user.

These terms and conditions are electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules, Regulations framed thereunder, any subsequent statutory amendments in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 or any other applicable laws, rules and regulations which deal with electronic records and documents. This is computer system generated electronic record and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

By clicking, on the "I ACCEPT” button, you are consenting to be bound by these Terms and Conditions along with all its term(s), condition(s), clause(s), policy(ies), procedure(s), requirement(s), provision(s), section(s), subsection(s) and exhibits. In case, you do not accept the term(s), condition(s), clause(s), policy(ies), procedure(s), requirement(s), provision(s), section(s), subsection(s), exhibit(s), you may not be able to avail the services provided in the VAOO Consumer Portal/APP and/or any other interrelated or non-interrelated services and/or facility and/or products and/or benefits of VAOO Technology Platform (VTP) including their website.

These Terms and Conditions are published in English language. In case, you do not understand the language of these Terms and Conditions, you may take necessary guidance and/or consultation of an expert to understand these Terms and Conditions.

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be considered as a binding agreement between VAOO Adtech Pvt. Ltd., a company registered under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and having its corporate office at 30AB, situate, lying and being at Government Industrial Estate, M.G. Road, Kandivali (West), Mumbai 400 067, Maharashtra, India. (hereinafter, referred to as “VAOO” which expression shall mean and include its authorised representatives, successors-in–office, affiliates and assigns) on the ONE PART AND A person who is viewing /availing/ using/ downloading the APP and has desire to register himself/herself with VAOO Consumer Portal/APP as Consumer, (hereinafter, referred to as an “Consumer/User”) of the OTHER PART.

VAOO ADTECH PVT LTD (“VAOO”) and the “Consumer/User” shall hereinafter individually be referred to as “Party” and collectively as “Parties”.

  1. Account: means the account created by the User/Consumer on the VUSR PORTAL/APP for using and accessing its benefits, facility, products, services.
  2. Advertising Entity or Companies: means the entity which may post their content, ads and request for feedback on VUSR Portal/App, VDR Portal/App by using the services, filters, available on VTP as per the appropriate campaign chosen by the entity to reach the Target audience.
  3. Applicable Laws: All the existing applicable laws with their rules, regulations, guidelines, regular notifications, regular amendments of GOI, GOMH and/or any other state Government and/or local Municipal Corporations or institutions and/or the Union Territories of the Union of India and/or any judgements made in respect to such laws, rule, regulations by Supreme court of India and by any other High Courts of respective states of the Union of India.
  4. Business Day: means any day on which banks in the City of Operation are open for business and functional to give services to their Consumers.
  5. Booking Request: The request for transportation service and/or journey/trip to reach at destination of choice, made by Consumer(s) registered on VUSR Portal/APP and that request is allotted to the Driver/Owner registered with VDR Portal/APP to provide his/her Transportation service to Consumer(s).
  6. CitOp: shall mean the city of operation and it is the city in which Consumer(s) accepted this Consumer T&C by accepting the legal consent.
  7. Content: Any kind of text, graphics, effects, images, videos, animation, gif, themes, Ads, user interface, visual interface, web content, app content, codes of software and/or hardware, artwork, design, structure, architecture, framework of such content including but not limited to choice, selection, expression, sharing, look, feel, listen and any kind of arrangement of such content contained on VTP or any of its products, facility, services which is owned, licensed, controlled and/or copyrighted and protected as per applicable laws.
  8. Driver: An individual who is registered with VAOO Driver Portal/App (VDR Portal/APP) as a Driver who wants to use facility and desired to avail the facility of the technology platform of VAOO and who drives his own vehicle or may be employed as a Driver under a third party and/or Employer and/or any such other person and has all the necessary and valid permits, licenses, documents to give service as Driver, as per the applicable laws and which satisfies all the terms, conditions, policies and procedures of this Driver/Owner Terms and Conditions Agreement.
  9. Fare: shall mean the amount payable to Driver which is reflected on the VDR Portal/APP and VUSR Portal/APP after completion of the transport service request. The Consumer/user gives his consent by accepting this Consumer T&C to review & revise the fare as per Market and business conditions and as permitted by applicable laws.
  10. 1Force Majeure: Any kind of circumstance or situations which are beyond human capacity to control and during which the normal way of performing or giving service or act is not possible and as mentioned in the Clause of Force Majeure.
  11. Journey Request: shall mean when the Consumer’s booking request is accepted by the Driver and an OTP issued to consumer is shared with the Driver and cross verified with the VDR Portal/APP and VTP, from that moment till completion of journey to the destination as registered on the VUSR Portal/APP by the Consumer.
  12. Operator: An Operator is a person who will bring /attract/ attach/provide, the Driver(s)/Owner(s) to be registered with VDR Portal/APP to provide service to Consumer(s) registered with VUSR Portal/APP, by using the VTP created by VAOO to provide tech base solutions to transportation system. An Operator can be an Individual, Sole Proprietor Firm, Partnership Firm, LLP, Private/Public Limited Company, NGO.
  13. Owner/DCO: An individual who owns a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles and registered with VAOO Driver Portal/App (VDR Portal/APP) as an Owner or as an Driver cum Owner(DCO), and who wants to avail the facility of technology platform and who shall drive his own vehicle and/or employs or hires any other person, as a Driver who must be registered, with VDR Portal/APP, to drive his vehicle and has all the vehicle documents, certificates & necessary permissions including Loan and/or lease documents if the vehicle has been purchased through loan or given on lease to any other person or any other entity, and necessary permits, licenses, documents, of person for owning and driving a Vehicle, as per the applicable laws of India and which satisfies all the terms, conditions, policies and procedures of VDR Portal/APP.
  14. Portal: It shall mean a web portal/website and/or any software applications, mobile applications, programs, VAOO Driver Portal/APP, VUSR Portal/APP and any other such apps, services, products, facility of VTP and VAOO.
  15. Ride/Journey/Trip: means the travel in the vehicle of the Driver/Owner registered with VDR Portal/APP by the User/Consumer registered with VUSR Portal/APP for which a fare is to be paid as per the APP. The words Ride, Journey and Trip shall be used interchangeably but mean the same.
  16. Rejection Percentage: shall mean the percentage of cancellation and/or rejections done by the Driver(s)/DCO of total number booking request allotted to him/her for the month, which are made by the Consumer, after he/she logged in to the VDR Portal/APP and made himself available to provide service through VTP.
  17. Term period: means the period commencing from the date of acceptance of Consumer T&C by the Consumer up to the date of termination of this Consumer T&C.
  18. “Terms and Conditions” or “Consumer T&C”: means this agreement with all the term(s), condition(s), clause(s), policy(ies), procedure(s), requirement(s), provision(s), section(s), subsection(s) and exhibits and annexures if any attached to this agreement, which is available on the VUSR Portal/APP and binding on the Consumer after they accept the legal consent of VUSR Portal/APP and shall be referred as Consumer T&C hereinafter. This agreement may be amended, updated from Time to Time.
  19. Total Fare of the Ride: means the Fare specified on the APP which would include the Cancellation Fee and/or any Additional Fee (as applicable).
  20. User/Consumer/you/yours/yourself: An individual who has registered himself/herself with VUSR Portal/APP to use facility and desire to take the benefit of technology platform of VAOO and after giving his/her legal consent to the terms and conditions of VAOO and to avail and to take benefit of all or any of its services, products, facilities through VUSR Portal/APP as and when they are officially updated and made available for users. The words User, Consumer, you, yours, yourself shall be used interchangeably, but, shall have the same meaning as per the definition.
  21. VAOO or us or we or our: VAOO AdTech Pvt. Ltd, company registered under Companies Act, 2013 and rules, regulations thereunder and which owns tech base platform VAOO Technology Platform(VTP) to provide, services, facility of online booking platform as a marketplace for transportation system.
  22. VAOO Technology Platform (VTP): The web based and/or app based software application designed, created by VAOO, to provide tech base solution to transportation system and to provide tech base online booking platform as a Marketplace and which consist of various modules, services, products, facilities which may or may not be inter-related to each other, including VAOO CABS facility and/or any other facility, services, products provided by VAOO and/or consist of apps like VAOO Driver Portal/APP, VAOO Portal/APP, etc. and other facilities, products, services of different kind which may be paid or unpaid and can be termed as VTP hereinafter.
  23. VAOO CABS: VAOO CAB is one of the facility provided for the benefit of user (such as Driver, DCO, Vehicle Owner and Consumer) of VTP and it includes facility of tech base online booking platform as Marketplace for the facility users like Driver/Owner and Consumer and whereas the Driver/Owner avail the facility of VDR Portal/APP to provide his/her transportation service and Consumer for availing the transportation service, avail the Facility of VUSR Portal/APP which are part of VTP.
  24. VAOO Portal/APP (VUSR Portal/APP): An electronic interface application which is product of VAOO and VTP and a facility solely created for the Consumer(s) who desire to get registered with VAOO Portal/APP to use facility of Transportation service provided directly by the Driver/Owner registered with VDR Portal/APP by using VAOO’s Technology platform, as market place, can be termed as VUSR Portal/APP hereinafter.
  25. VAOO Driver Portal/APP (VDR Portal/APP): an electronic interface application which is product of VAOO and VTP, and a facility solely created for the benefit of the Driver(s)/Owner(s) who desire to get registered on VAOO Driver Portal/APP to provide their own Transportation service by availing the facility of VAOO’s Technology platform as market place to the Consumer(s) registered with VUSR Portal/APP and can be termed as VDR Portal/APP hereinafter.
  26. VAOO Credits: shall means credit(s)/point(s) which Consumer can get by using various services, watching advertising material, content and which can be used for payment of Fare or charges of vehicle which they hire by using the tech base platform of VAOO Portal/APP. VAOO Credits is a part of wallet of VAOO and the credits received by the user shall be seen under wallet section. These points/credits can be used for payment to Driver/Owner and for payment or subscription of various services, products which may be provided by VAOO as and when introduced and/or in future.
  27. Vehicle: shall mean ‘Motor cabs for public transportation as defined under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and includes cars, auto rickshaw and any other vehicle within the definition of “Motorcabs” as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 28. Wallet: shall mean the prepaid electronic payment instruments of VAOO which consist of two Parts VAOO Money and VAOO Credits, Whereas VAOO Credits which will be credited by VAOO after watching the complete advertisement and/or the content as displayed by VAOO from time to time or by transfer of credits by other user, and the other part VAOO Money can be credited by any other way of legal electronic transaction, OR any other third party prepaid electronic payment instruments, available for payments in/on the VTP and other facilities, services of VTP and VAOO, which has all the necessary approvals as per the applicable laws and respective government authorities and/or institutions.
You will be eligible to use the services only when you fulfil all of the following: -