Shout Know How

How it works?
SHOUT is one of the in-app products made by VAOO cabs with a vision to lay safety hands for the people. Anybody can use it anytime to get help from the VAOO team in case of danger or suspicious times. Activate shout You can start this feature by dragging it to the right. When this is ON, then on your shout the Siren starts blowing and a message is sent to the VAOO team and your emergency contacts that you are in some danger.

When you press on this button, then a message is sent to the VAOO team and your emergency contacts without making a siren alarm.

When you press on this button then a high noisy siren alarm gets triggered so that your surrounding gets alert of the presence of some help for you. Also, the VAOO team and your emergency contacts get the message for the same.

Configure your SHOUT
As everyone has a different level of frequency in which they speak or shout, so using this button, people can set a frequency level according to their comfort or capability. You can also set this frequency level to default.

Emergency contact list
People can add at most 3 contacts of their friends or family members to automatically send them an emergency message when they are in some danger.

Deactivate Alarm
If the user has accidently triggered the alarm then they can stop the siren by entering the security PIN on pressing the deactivate alarm.

Video instruction for the app:
Please find the below link for the “Shout “feature present in VAOO Customer app. Link -> Click here