About us

VAOO is a technology company based out of Mumbai. We have an integrated venture of online marketing and online cabs.

We have three categories of users - Consumers, Drivers, and Advertisers.

For consumers, there is 'VAOO' app where they can book our cabs online - VAOO Cabs. On the same app, they can watch ads of various brands. Watching or interacting with each such ad earns them instant rewards in the form of VAOO points (1 VAOO point = INR 1). These points are redeemed against the VAOO cab fare that the consumer books. The VAOO points are deducted automatically from the cab fare. So in case, the points are more or equal to the cab fare, the consumer does not have to pay anything else. But if the points are lesser than the cab fare, there are regular methods of payment viz. either cash or through debit card/credit card.

Drivers or Cab Owners registering with us through- 'VAOO DRIVER app' pay no commission on their earnings to us. They, too, can watch ads on their app and earn points from them which can be credited in their VAOO wallet and later transferred into their bank account registered with us.

Advertiser's/brand's can show their ads only to those consumers on 'VAOO app' which fits their product/service criteria. Made possible by getting personal information from our customers voluntarily (on the 'VAOO' app itself) and mining

The advertiser can set brackets of each category of this data considering the profile of their target consumer base. They can upload their ad, write description/offers, feedback questions and, add ‘call to action’ buttons with various social media links as well. They do this along with setting the budget and duration of ad campaign which includes assigning VAOO point(s) for each view.

This way, VAOO completes the circle of its business plan benifiting each of its associates/users efficiently and profitably.

Cost, comfort, care - everything VAOO.