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VAOO creates a bridge of benefit between advertisers, customers and drivers
by enabling exchange of their resources using technology.

On the VAOO app, users voluntarily give detailed info about themselves like gender, age, occupation, income, interests etc. to earn VAOO points. Having a highly segregated collection of such data is leveraged by the advertisers associated with us.

The advertisers can filter these data considering the profile of their ideal consumers. They can upload their ad, write description/offers, feedback questions and, add ‘call to action’ buttons with various social media links as well. Then set the budget, location, and duration of campaign and our AI/ML will take care of showing the ads to the exact target consumers.

Users of our app may watch these ads anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Watching the ad in full and giving feedback on the same immediately afterward earns them VAOO points. These points can be redeemed in our VAOO cab services. Benefiting from the demand and supply of digital ads on our app, we take NO commission from our VAOO cab drivers.

Harnessing all the resources at our disposal, we are committed to safety as well; especially women's. In case of distress, our app's voice-triggered safety feature - SHOUT, enables users to seek help just by screaming - irrespective of whether they are in VAOO cab or not.