the ingenious advertising platform
to make your ads awaited.

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Advertiser's biggest problem: people hate ads.

WHAT IF your customers wait for your ad? You reach customers looking for you? You make your customers keep returning?


Transport to the future of advertising.

Data-Driven Marketing

87% of the brands under-utilize their info. With our first-hand user data and detailed ROI stats, design infallible campaigns.

Innovative LBS

83% mobile users keep apps requiring GPS on. In a first ever, use real-time LBS to reach out to your prospect buyers in your vicinity.

Dismiss spamming

91% of the people skip ads because they are intrusive. We let users decide when, where and which ad to watch

Precise Targeting

Whether mAcro or mIcro be your target demography, our AI scans, marks it and hosts your ads without spillage.

Valuable Feedback

Get deeper insight of ad performance and customize your ads accordingly using instant ad review by each user.

Direct Payment

Money goes directly to the users for interacting with each ad, not medium. It makes them return for more.

Services and Demos

Explicit ways to present your ads and provide a variety of choices to view the ads

How it works

We are creating the future of advertising.

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